We are experts at installing and upgrading electrical, heating and plumbing, and ventilation systems in all types of properties and facilities.
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Installation with Bravida

Standard installation work...

Need pipes fitting? Need to upgrade old electrical systems? Need a new ventilation solution for the office? Most of Bravida’s installation assignments are straightforward, whether they relate to one particular technical area or an end-to-end solution involving several different types of system. For more information, please contact your local Bravida office.

...and large, complex projects

We are also involved in large, complex installation projects, such as a hospital building new operating theatres or the refurbishment of a road tunnel. We are often involved at an early stage and can provide turnkey management of installation work across our areas of expertise. Bravida can also coordinate the different technical aspects of a project.

Our areas of expertise

Bravida installs and upgrades electrical, heating and plumbing, and ventilation systems in all types of properties. We also fit security systems, sprinklers, cooling and power facilities, and can design solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and environmentally sustainable.

Extending equipment’s life through service

Regular maintenance can reduce day-to-day operating costs and also extend the life of systems and equipment. That’s why Bravida offers service agreements for all types of installations in our areas of expertise.