Corporate citizenship

Ethics and financial responsibility

We want to create a long-term healthy return for our shareholders in a way that is profitable, responsible and transparent. And we also want to offer our staff secure employment and to develop our business and contribute to financial prosperity in society as a whole.

Key aspects

  • Code of conduct for employees. Our code of conduct sets out guidelines and rules on how we should behave. We work to ensure that everyone understands the importance of the code and to comply with it through training and dialogue with employees. Read more
  • Code of conduct for suppliers We require our suppliers to adhere to our code of conduct and our values. Read more
  • Financial stability We prioritise stability as we grow – margins always take precedence over volume.

Secure and motivated employees

We aim to offer a stimulating workplace that provides scope for development. No employee should suffer ill-health as a result of work. We aim to irradiate accidents and physical and psychiatric ill-health resulting from work.

Key aspects

  • A learning culture Bravida’s corporate culture focuses on learning from one another – we keep our commitments, we follow up, we continually improve.
  • An attractive workplace Bravida focuses on keeping, developing and attracting the best skills. Our approach is to offer an attractive workplace that provides continual professional development of staff, clear management and a focus on recruitment and training.
  • Continually improving health and safety A safe and secure workplace that is well organised generates results. We make extensive efforts to identify, monitor and analyse risks in our working environment so we can make improvements. Our assessment of risk, planning and implementation takes account of all aspects of employees and their surroundings.
  • Preventive training  We train staff so that everyone knows how to identify and prevent the risks that exist in the workplace.