Work environment, health and safety

Our vision is to eliminate occupational injuries entirely. That includes both mental and physical health. Every employee should be healthy at the end of each day – and at the beginning of the next one. That is why we have systematic health and safety measures in place.

Bravida operates in an industry with significant health and safety challenges. Numerous operators, high-risk environments and tasks, a fast pace and a culture that doesn’t always encourage a safety mindset are just a few of them. Yet we know that good health and safety generates productivity, quality and wellbeing, as well as making a positive contribution to our performance.

We have resources and systems in place to promote health and prevent injuries, and we are continually working to improve efforts, including by planning work to ensure safety and good organisation. Everyone at Bravida has a collective responsibility to contribute to a pleasant and safe work environment.

Sickness absence and occupational injury rate

We are continually working to understand the reasons behind sickness absence and to identify what needs to be done to improve employee health in the short and long term. Bravida’s goal is to get sickness absence down to under 4 percent. Monitoring, discussions with employees on sick leave and rehabilitation will continue to be important aspects of this work going forward.

Bravida’s vision is to eliminate instances of occupational injury entirely, with an initial goal of getting the rate of accidents under 7 per million working hours. Achieving our goal requires regular leadership training and compliance with our shared procedures.

We also need to highlight risks and risk areas. Our groupwide incident and risk management system, BIA, allows Bravida employees to easily report incidents, accidents, occupational injuries and preventive activities via a mobile app. Data from the  helps us identify focus areas and come up with more targeted measures. Falls and electrical accidents are the most serious occupational injuries, which means we prioritise efforts to prevent and avoid such incidents.

We share the same work environment

Many high-risk situations and accidents are related to the fact that multiple contractors are operating in the same workplace. Bravida needs to improve within the area of health and safety, but we cannot achieve our vision of eliminating occupational injuries entirely on our own. That’s why Bravida has chosen to become a founding member of the organisation ‘Samverkan för noll olyckor i byggbranschen’ (joint action for zero accidents in the construction industry) and the ‘Håll Nollan’ initiative.