Our goals

Our medium-term financial targets

Sales growth

Bravida aims to increase its sales by more than 10 percent per year, of which 5 percent organically and 5–7 percent through acquisitions.

Operating margin

Bravida aims to achieve an adjusted EBITA margin exceeding 7%, including the dilution effect of acquisitions.

Cash generation *see definitions

Bravida aims to maintain a cash generation ratio exceeding 100%.

Capital structure

Bravida’s capital structure aims to enable a high degree of financial flexibility and provide scope for acquisitions. The company’s target is a net debt/equity ratio of about 2.5x net debt/adjusted EBITDA.

Dividend policy

Bravida’s objective is to pay out at least 50 percent of the Group’s consolidated net profit, taking account of other factors such as financial position, cash flow and growth opportunities.

Our long-term goals – customer and market

The most satisfied customers

Our ambition is to have the market's most satisfied customers, who will both come back to Bravida and recommend us to others.

The strongest brand

According to our own brand survey (conducted in spring 2015), Bravida is the most recognized brand in Scandinavia for installation, while the awareness of our brand is slightly weaker on the service side (survey not done in Finland).

Local market leader

Bravida will be biggest or second biggest in all the locations where it chooses to operate. During 2015 we strengthened our market position in several of the places where we operate, partly through acquisitions. 

Our other long-term goals

Service is to exceed installation

In 2015 service accounted for approximately 46 percent of sales and installation for 54 percent.

The most attractive employer

In 2014 the motivated employee index, MEI (in Swedish: MMI), was 66. Our ambitious target is 75. The comparable figure in Sweden was 63. Among salaried employees the MEI amounted to 69, and among employees under a collective agreement the equivalent figure was 65. The next survey will take place in 2016.

Leading supplier of energy efficient and environmentally friendly services

Through acquisitions and other measures we are continuing to strengthen our skills and the energy-efficient solutions we offer. We are striving to reduce our own environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

No occupational injuries

No employee should have work-related physical or mental illness. The frequency of occupational injuries at Bravida* increased from 9.4 to 11 in 2015. Sickness absence increased from 4.7 percent to 5.3 percent.
*Occupational injuries that lead to at least one day of sickness absence per million working hours.