EDI Invoicing

Bravida enables customers and suppliers to manage invoices electronically via EDI.

Bravida’s invoice system provider is Opus Capita for both customer invoices and supplier invoices. Bravida uses the SFTI SVEFAKTURA EDI format for both inbound and outbound invoices. See www.svefaktura.se for a description of the electronic format and online verification of invoices.

Bravida’s customers

If you would like to receive electronic invoices from Bravida, please call Yasmina Guldlöv, Accounts Receivable Manager, on +46 (0) 8-695 22 57.
Email efaktura@bravida.se

Bravida’s suppliers

If you would like to send electronic invoices to Bravida, please call one our contact persons:
Elin Gustafsson: +46 (0)8-695 2178
Monika Spång: +46 (0)8-695 20 32
Therese Holmgren: +46 (0)8-695 21 69
Gustav Fröland: +46 (0)8-695 20 34

Email efaktura@bravida.se

Technical questions

If you have questions about electronic invoicing, connections, EDI format, etc., please call Johan Olsson, Bravida IT, on +46 (0)70-509 66 95.
Email efaktura@bravida.se

The Bravida companies this relates to are:

Company name Organisation registration number
Bravida AB 556713-6519
Bravida Sverige AB 556197-4188
Bravida Prenad AB  556454-1315
Bravida Säkerhet AB 556193-1832
Bravida Holding AB 556891-5390
ABEKA El & Kraftanläggningar AB 556515-7012
Kraftkompaniet i Sverige HB 969740-4755