Electric car charging - for property owners, companies and tenant-owner associations

Complete installation

In order for you to be able to easily offer employees, customers or residents a safe and secure vehicle charging, we include a charging box, installation, support and system for administration.

We do all operation, monitoring, remote support. You also do not have to think about administration or payment solution – Bravida Charge takes care of that.

How does Bravida Charge - electric car charging?

  1. Bravida installs the charging box which is connected to the administration system, Bravida Charge.
  2. In the administration system, you choose the price for the users.
  3. The user who uses the charging box downloads the Bravida Charge app, on App Store or Google Play.
  4. Consumption is charged to the user's debit card according to a price list that you decide and the payment to you is made monthly.

Read more about Bravida Charge (pdf) 

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There are several brands to choose from and it can sometimes be a challenge to understand what suits your needs.
Usually, it is the flexibility of an administrative solution that will be crucial for you.




Our system – Bravida Charge, offers:

  • A solution where you set the price for the charge and who will have access to the chargers.
  • The ability to create different user profiles with differentiated prices if necessary.
  • Debiting to users is carried out via their credit card.
  • Connected charging boxes and systems with access to remote support.
  • Every month you have access to statistics on consumption of the facility. We transfer the amount you are entitled to, with a deduction for a transaction fee.
  • You make the purchase and payment of the electricity consumed via the chargers, as all other electricity you use in the property.

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