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Bravida Charge – a total solution for your electricity car

Bravida Charge includes charging box, installation, support, administration and payment solution

This is Bravida Charge

With Bravida Charge, you as a property owner, company or tenant-owner can easily offer employees, customers and residents a safe and secure charging of vehicles. You do not need to think about administration or payment solution. Bravida Charge is a separate system for operation, monitoring, remote support and payment solution for charging systems.


  • With Bravida Charge, we offer you a total solution, where you set the price for the charge and who will have access to the chargers.
  • It is possible to have different user profiles with differentiated prices, which you set yourself. Bravida can assist with advice on pricing.
  • You are responsible for purchasing and paying for the electricity consumed via the chargers, in the same way as all other electricity you use in the property.

This is how it works

  • Bravida installs the charging box which is connected to the Bravida Charge.
  • The user downloads the Bravida Charge app, on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Consumption is automatically sent to Bravida Charge and the amount is deducted from the user's debit card.
  • Every month, statistics are given on consumption of the charging plant. We then pay out the amount you are entitled to, with a deduction for transaction fee.

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