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Welcome to a climate-neutral delivery of services

Did you know that real estate accounts for a significant part of emissions? Therefore, regular service and energy optimization are crucial for both how your property goes and feels. Reducing both your own and your company's climate footprint will help you achieve your climate goals is GreenHub's biggest purpose.

We know that the service assignments we do on your property improve your climate footprint and in order for you, to reach your own and your company's climate goals faster. We also care about how we deliver the service to you. You also probably appreciate a fast delivery, imagine 15 minutes, and that the material we use are sustainable products to accepted standards. With GreenHub you get the whole package, sometimes it should be that easy!


GreenHub is one of our largest green investments in the service segment.

With GreenHub, we will both reach existing and new customers, and meet them in a completely new way, which strengthens Bravida's position in both service and sustainability.

The GreenHub concept was born in Oslo at the Region Service department about nine months ago. It was a success story and has since helped an increasing number of customers reduce their climate footprint. They have also recently expanded and opened in Bergen.
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