Branch manager

Martin Fogander


Martin, what does your role at Bravida involve? 

I work as the branch manager in Östergötland and Närke in construction ventilation. That means I oversee the unit’s earnings and have responsibility for everything from marketing and financial management to recruitment, sales and production planning. As branch manager, I have a lot of areas of responsibility. It’s both enjoyable and stimulating.

When did you start at Bravida?

The day after I graduated, on 26 October 2009. I completed a qualification as an installation engineer at the Industrial Development Centre Vocational College and got a job with Bravida as a construction engineer. After that I became a project manager and then branch manager. I’m pleased that I’ve experienced a range of roles. It gives me an overall view of the business that really helps today in my role as branch manager.

How did you end up working at Bravida?

I had a choice between two different companies after I graduated and I opted for Bravida. The thing that persuaded me was mainly its business systems, particularly for project management. The company has tools that allow us to work in a consistent, professional manner. Bravida also offers lots of opportunities for professional development and it’s something they really prioritise.

How have you benefitted from these development opportunities?

Besides being given new responsibilities, I’ve also attended various courses within the Bravida School, including on construction law and project management. I was also on Bravida’s development programme for young engineers, BraIngenjör, a few years ago. That really helped me develop a valuable network of contacts.

What elements are important in the role of branch manager?

Leadership qualities are obviously important. You need to be able to both manage and coach employees. And being results-oriented is also key. The unit has a target that it aims to reach and it’s stimulating to work towards that – to chase intermediate goals to achieve the intended result for the entire year. But it obviously requires a lot of work and, above all, significant commitment.


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