Ventilation fitter

Anna Ehrnstedt


When did you start working with ventilation systems?

I started working at Bravida and with ventilation systems in January 2013. I really enjoy my job. My first project was on the Tele2 Arena and it was great to immediately be part of such a major project.

How did you end up working at Bravida?

I’d been working in the care sector for a few years and I wanted to try something new. Through contacts, I got in touch with Bravida and the installation industry.

You started at Bravida as an apprentice. What does being an apprentice involve?

Being an apprentice means learning on the job. You accompany someone who’s more experienced who teaches you on the job. I accompanied various people and as everyone has their own way of doing things I learnt a huge amount and different ways of doing things.

What’s the best thing about being a ventilation fitter?

It’s the variety of the work. One day you might be doing lots of calculations and theoretical work and the next day you’ll just be doing manual work. I also like learning from the ground up and really finding out how everything works. Learning what a job is all about from the very basics makes it easier to develop professionally within the company.

It’s also great to see that people are still needed to construct buildings. That it’s human hands that bring them to life.

Describe your job in three words!

Varied, stimulating and important. 


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