Electrical installations

Bravida carries out all sorts of electrical installations, both large and small, for offices, homes, hospitals, industrial facilities and major infrastructure projects.

We install electrical solutions in both existing properties and new-builds. We can assist with all types of installation of electrical solutions. This might involve lighting in different kinds of properties, outdoor lighting in residential areas and parks, or in road tunnels. But electricity is so much more than lights. Bravida’s electrical division covers everything from alarms and security to high-voltage systems and electrical substations. 

If you’re looking for a company to supply electrical installations for your project, contact one of our electrical branches for assistance. Bravida can come up with suggestions for your particular project, and we can work with you from the design and project planning phase. 

Bravida has electricians specialising in numerous different areas, allowing us to help customers with all kinds of assignments. Whether it’s installing electrical systems in an apartment building, a major infrastructure project, a leisure centre or an airport, we have the right electrical solutions. Bravida can support all kinds of projects, whether large or small. 

Bravida fits everything relating to electrical systems, including telecom, data and fibre installations. We also put in place alarm systems and a range of surveillance solutions. We are experts in electrical systems for industry, hospitals and large facilities, and we create end-to-end solutions that coordinate the functions of a building, resulting in sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Here are some of the electrical installation services Bravida can help you with:

  • Electrical installations
  • Telecom, data and fibre
  • High-voltage systems
  • Electrical substations/emergency power systems
  • Thermal imaging
  • Alarm and security systems
  • Industrial installations
  • Control and monitoring
  • Energy optimisation  
  • Advanced measuring services to ISO/IEC 17020:12* standard

*Measuring services accredited by Swedac for electrical measuring systems checks.

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