Is it not time for buildings to start taking responsibility?

This is exactly what they do with the help of building automation. It's like giving them a brain. Basically, it is about keeping track of all the building flows - water, ventilation, number of people on the premises and much more. When all systems work together and are optimized in real time, real synergy effects arise. We call it the Automation Effect.

  • The automation effect, important for Boden Business Park

    When a major extension project was to be started in Boden Business Park, Boden municipality placed great focus on sustainability issues and environmental certification.

    Bravida designed and offered a scalable automation solution that initially controls ventilation and cooling.

  • Växjö's new station and town hall

    The automation effect is provided by the delivery of an open automation platform, which also means that the customer can remotely maneuver their entire property and see its status in all parts.

    The requirement picture in the entire project is Miljöbyggnad Gold (Environmental Building Gold).

What is building automation?

Basically, building automation is about:


That the buildings temperature, air flows and light are automatically adapted to the use of rooms and premises.


The building's technical subsystem is integrated and can thus also be controlled remotely.


Reduces energy use and optimizes operating net.

Do you want to know more?

Wellness for buildings

Building automation not only means environmental and energy benefits, it also leads to a better indoor climate and healthier properties to stay in. The biggest benefits for you as a customer are:

  1. Problems are discovered before they cause problems
  2. The life cycle of the building is extended
  3. Continuous energy optimization provides better operating net
  4. Overall picture of all systems - better overview, easier ownership
  5. The installations can be monitored and controlled remotely
  6. Lower emissions and other environmental benefits

A good system removes overlapping activities and makes your property smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.

Your needs determine

In order for it to be as good as possible in each individual case, we always work demand-driven. Together, we evaluate the various alternatives that exist and arrive at the best solution. Our automation departments are brand independent. Both in terms of installation and service agreements.

This is what we offer in automation:

Design of the technical systems
Installation and function testing of the control systems
Energy optimization and follow-up
Remote control, alarm handling and troubleshooting
Service agreement and software update