Ventilation – wellbeing through good air quality

We spend 90 percent of our time indoors. But we usually only discuss the quality of the outdoor air we breathe. Fresh air indoors is inexpensive and quickly pays off. Good air quality supports wellbeing. We perform better, we’re more efficient and feel better.

Installation of ventilation systems

Bravida installs all types of ventilation solutions, for example:

  • Air treatment
  • Process ventilation
  • Control and monitoring
  • Calibration and mandatory ventilation check

We have also developed custom ventilation solutions for sheltered housing, hospitals, sports centres and shopping malls, as well as high-tech industries.

Ventilation servicing

Ventilation systems need to be cleaned as they use more energy if not serviced and checked regularly. Bravida takes care of ventilation systems in all types of properties and facilities. We can often take basic steps to improve ventilation systems and save energy.  And we also keep track of all your installations and what maintenance is required.

Our ventilation offering includes:

  • Checking of intake grilles, the condition of filters and filter replacement
  • Monitoring of belt drives, axels and bearings
  • Cleaning of ventilation systems
  • Checking and replacement of belts
  • Inspection of control and regulation/monitoring functions and fire dampers in ventilation systems
  • Checking of temperature and heating coil valves
  • Energy optimisation