Governance, monitoring and development of work on sustainability

Bravida’s sustainability work is part of future-proofing and developing our business. Right now we’re working intensively to take our sustainability efforts to the next level. We don’t necessarily have all the answers, but we’re learning, developing and working together to take the required steps.

Our objective

Bravida aims to conduct long-term, responsible and sustainable business that integrates environmental, social and economic considerations into the business operations. In recent years we have laid the foundations for this, based on the sustainability strategy adopted in 2015. But a lot has changed since then.

We are currently working hard to take our sustainability work to the next level in line with the new sustainability policy adopted in 2021. Part of this work is to clarify how our customer offering contributes to lower use of resources by our customers. In parallel, we have raised the level of ambition of our own efforts in the sustainability areas we prioritise. We are also working to improve the monitoring of KPIs that measure the impact of our own operations in order to be transparent about our environmental and climate impact.


How we organise our work on sustainability

Bravida’s work on sustainability is based on our overall strategic direction and goals, which are decided by the Board of Directors. Group management sets strategies and goals for sustainability work, and ensures that the goals are met. Ultimately responsibility lies with the Chief Executive Officer.

Bravida’s Sustainability Committee consists of members of Group management and is chaired by the Head of Business Development. The Committee is responsible for developing and refining the sustainability strategy, long-term goals and sustainability-related policies. They are supported by the Group Business Development function, which also monitors external requirements, conducts stakeholder dialogue and communicates sustainability performance and progress.

The Nordic operations ensure that the country-specific sustainability strategy, long-term goals and policies are in place and aligned with the Group-wide strategy and goals. Country and divisional managers are ultimately responsible for this. National legal, purchasing, finance and HR staff provide additional support.