Our values

Bravida’s values provide guidance on how we should behave and what we prioritise in our day-to-day work. During the year we established new core values that better reflect today’s world and demonstrate the kind of company we want to be.

Care for business

  • We are passionate about our business
  • We constantly aim to enhance customer value and identify new business opportunities
  • We are cost conscious
  • We create great results together

Keep it simple

  • We are service minded and easy to work with
  • We apply group-wide working methods 
  • We work together to deliver effective end-to-end solutions for customers

Take responsibility

  • We are reliable, and we keep our promises
  • We never put safety at risk in the workplace
  • We take responsibility for the  environment, customer relations, society and people

Be proactive

  • We actively seek out customers, listen attentively and propose solutions
  • We think about the future to generate opportunities and avoid risks
  • We aim to constantly develop and we stay one step ahead

Good conduct

Reliability and correct behaviour

Bravida has a clear style of business conduct that is based on reliability and correct behaviour. Employees take personal responsibility and deliver what they promise. A friendly and accommodating approach is
self-evident in all meetings.

Are we not living as we preach? If you notice that we do not follow our values, you can report it using the Whistleblower.

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