Organisation –strong local presence

Electricians, plumbers and ventilation technicians need to be on site with customers. That’s why our local branches are at the heart of Bravida’s organisation.

Bravida wants to be where its customers are. We want our customers to be the most satisfied in the market and we want to be the leading provider in those regions where we have a presence.

That’s why we have created a decentralised organisation with businesses throughout the Nordic region. Our local branches decide how they work with their customers and how to market themselves in their area. But, in addition, they benefit from central Group functions like financial management, purchasing and IT.

Our organisation has four main levels – branch, region, division and Group.

More than 325 branches

It’s at our branches where things really happen. This is where we have our electricians, plumbers, ventilation technicians and many other staff that are at the heart of our business. Every day they help our customers provide their properties with energy, heat, water, ventilation and security.

Each local branch specialises in a particular technical area. To provide our customers with the best possible offering, we often have more than one branch in one location.

Local branches usually have sole responsibility for a customer project. For larger and more complex projects, our local branches often work together within a region, division or the Group.

38 regions

The regions support our branches and help coordinate operations. They are also responsible for communicating and monitoring division-wide and Group-wide strategies and goals.

6 divisions

Bravida has six divisions. The divisions South, Central and North, which are all in Sweden. Division Denmark, Division Norway, and Division Finland. The divisions provide support for our branches and regions. They are also responsible for communicating and monitoring Group-wide strategies and goals.

1 Group

At Group level we establish the strategies and goals that govern Bravida’s business at an overall level. Group functions also include central departments that support our local businesses; financial management, legal services, purchasing, IT, HR, communication and business development. 

Bravida’s headquarters are located in Stockholm.