Energy optimisation – a win-win for you and the environment

No matter how well run your business is, there are always savings to be made. Streamline every part of your building's lighting, cooling, heating or ventilation. Save energy and costs every year. Let us at Bravida suggest solutions and take concrete action. Energy costs are ongoing, making energy optimisation an investment for both you and the environment.

Energy optimisation is proactive work

Misaligned installations, old systems or dirty pipes are not uncommon in various organisations. Not to mention dripping taps and leaking windows in older properties. A lack of oversight and problems that are not addressed in time. There is always room for improvement. We are happy to take a holistic approach from project planning to energy mapping and installation of, for example, heating systems or ventilation. We can help you with:


  • Status & energy diagnostics
  • Energy optimisation
  • Mandatory ventilation check
  • Energy performance report
  • Ongoing energy statistics and monitoring
  • Energy audit for large companies
  • Operations contracting
Bravida hjälper till att energioptimera fastigheter.

Concrete solutions on a sound theoretical basis

We help our customers carry out an energy audit to obtain information on the energy consumption of their organisation. The energy declaration is a document that forms the basis for seeing how much heat and hot water is being used. The statistics show deviations and average consumption in a clear way, so that you can make informed decisions. We also carry out inspections according to standard practice and have access to important measuring equipment and solid analysis methods.

Systematic review of your property

As an important first step towards an energy-optimised business, we carry out a status and energy diagnosis of all installations in the property. Upon completion of the check, you will receive a report, where you can see the timeline of proposed improvements. The installations are assessed as follows:


  • Life expectancy
  • Condition
  • Optimisation potential


Once the analysis is done, it is time to start making all the changes. Some of the shortcomings can be resolved quickly. It can be a small detail that makes all the difference. Cleaning, temperature adjustment or activating a pump stop. Sometimes a more extensive intervention is required, such as replacing a ventilation system or cleaning the entire property. We make sure to be transparent with all costs and efforts so you can take part in the work going forward.

Bravida hjälper fastigheter med energioptimering.

Long-term energy plan

Customers who want continuity and quality throughout the process choose to draw up an energy and maintenance plan with us at Bravida. This often includes an operating agreement to address problems before they arise. This keeps costs in check and allows you to prioritise other aspects of your business needs.

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