Our strategies and business model

Bravida is the leading service and installation company in the Nordics. And we want to remain so in the future. Our vision is our ultimate objective. To achieve this, each branch works actively to implement our strategies every day.

Best customer offering

By creating well-functioning and resource-efficient properties, we help our customers make the transition to a more sustainable society. We continually strive to strengthen and refine our customer offering. In addition, every employee works every day to create the best customer experience on the market.

The best team

As a service company, Bravida is dependent on having employees who
are proactive, keep their promises, take responsibility for their work and care about their customers. That’s why we’re a business with a focus on people. We invest in our employees and our leadership. By working to ensure and promote equality and diversity, we become a stronger company.


Efficient delivery – margin before volume

At Bravida, we are professionals who do a professional job. We work efficiently, are cost-conscious and make sure to keep good order, at our workplaces and in our assignments. We always apply our shared work methods and purchase appropriately. We only accept projects and assignments with a healthy margin.


Sustainable business operations

With our services, we contribute to a more sustainable use of resources. At the same time we are also adapting our own operations: we are reducing our climate footprint, we create a team in which everyone feels safe, and is happy and thrives, and we set high ethical standards for ourselves and our suppliers.

Long-term and profitable growth

Bravida’s objective is to be the largest or second-largest market participant in the locations in which we choose to operate. When a branch is profitable and has the fundamentals in place, we focus on growth by developing what we offer, improving sales or recruiting. We also grow via acquisitions, both bolt-on acquisitions in locations where we already have a presence and strategic acquisitions to establish ourselves in new markets or new technology areas.

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The Bravida Way – our business model

The foundation for achieving success is our decentralised business model, the Bravida Way: Each local branch specialises in a particular area of expertise, but the customers are common to all the branches. We work together as ONE company, with the same culture, working methods and tools at all branches. Together, we create the best customer offering on the market. Our leaders create the required
conditions and our employees make it happen in practice.

Branches that act in accordance with the Bravida Way almost always
have well-functioning and profitable operations and an environment in which employees thrive. Only then can branches focus on growth – organically or via acquisitions. This is how we lay the foundations for growth that is both profitable and sustainable.

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