Our strategies and business model

Bravida is the leading service and installation company in the Nordics. And we want to remain so in the future. Our vision is our ultimate objective. To achieve this, each branch works actively to implement our strategies every day.


The best customer offering

Bravida has the best customer offering on the market. Our customers choose us because we create end-to-end solutions that make the complex simple. We listen to our customers and proactively suggest solutions for the entire life cycle of a property. We assist in making sustainable choices and creating sustainable solutions. We provide customers with feedback after completing assignments, and always ask if we can help with anything else. Above all, we keep our promises, take responsibility for our work and care about our customers.

The best team

Bravida has the best team in the industry. What unites us is our drive to constantly improve. That is why best managers and employees choose to work with us. We actively promote gender equality and diversity with a view to becoming a stronger company. We are passionate about service and are experts in project management and delivering assignments. We work as a team, we help each other out and we have fun together at work. In addition, we provide all kinds of opportunities to grow and develop at our company. 

Efficient delivery

Bravida takes a highly professional approach to everything it does. All our employees do their utmost every day to provide a great customer experience. We are efficient, cost conscious and ensure our workplaces are well run. We always apply our group-wide working methods and ensure purchasing is carried out correctly. We also plan meticulously, monitor our productivity and have control over all aspects of our assignments. 

Sustainable business

We take responsibility for our business and take a proactive approach to longterm sustainability. We ultimately aim to eliminate all occupational injuries, and each branch works systematically to create a safe, pleasant work environment. We endeavour to ensure sustainable use of resources and to limit our carbon footprint. We set high standards for both our suppliers and ourselves on business ethics, legal requirements and human rights.

Profitable growth: margin over volume

Margin over volume. Bravida constantly endeavours to improve profitability and achieve the full potential of each branch. We do this by ensuring we provide the best customer offering, the best team, efficient delivery of assignments and a sustainable business. We only take on assignments and projects with a good margin. We are cost conscious and use resources efficiently. We always use Bravida’s group-wide resources and systems and aim to achieve low fixed costs.

Licence to grow. When a branch is profitable and has firm foundations in place, we focus on growth. We grow organically by developing our offering and by increasing our emphasis on sales and recruitment. We also grow through acquisitions. Our profitable branches and regions are always on the lookout for good local businesses, and we acquire companies that we would like to be part of our own business. Bravida also makes strategic acquisitions to establish itself on new markets or in new technical areas. 

Bravida’s objective is to be the largest or second-largest player in all the locations where we choose to operate.

Our business model

Bravida is a large company with a local presence throughout the Nordic region. Our business model is based on us operating as ONE company: all our branches share the same corporate culture, working methods and strategies. Together, we provide the best customer offering on the market. We call it the Bravida Way. 

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