Power supply – high-voltage systems, from power source to electrical sockets

Our society is based on systems that require electricity to function. We need it at home, to travel, in industry and at work. Bravida offers in-depth expertise in high-voltage systems and provides services across the electricity network – from power source, throughout the power grid, to electrical sockets.

Power installations

Bravida is an end-to-end provider for the design, build, installation and monitoring of electricity distribution to and from electrical facilities. This includes everything from industrial transformers and substations to high-voltage lines for railways, street lighting and wind power.

We install electrical systems, design power stations and build transformer stations. We offer extensive expertise in high-voltage systems involving electricity in excess of 1,000 volts.

Our customers are based throughout the Nordic region and operate in electricity distribution, renewable energy, heavy industry and infrastructure. 

Power systems servicing

Bravida also provides operation and maintenance of power stations and electrical networks.

Our power offering includes:

  • Installation of electrical facilities
  • Design of power stations
  • High-voltage lines for railways, street lighting, wind power and more
  • Construction of transformer stations
  • Operation and maintenance of power stations
  • Operation and maintenance of electrical networks