High voltage technology

Our society is based on systems that require electricity to function. We need it at home, to travel, in industry and at work. Bravida have extensive expertise in high-voltage technology and offer services throughout the power network - from the power source, through the entire power network, to the wall socket.

From power source to wall socket

Electricity makes society work. In addition, all private homes need electricity to watch TV, bake bread or make coffee. Not to mention the growing need for electricity to electrify cars and other infrastructure. Bravida has extensive expertise in high-voltage technology and optimises the electricity supply from power source to wall socket.


Every kilowatt hour counts

Increasingly complex digital solutions and the expansion of efficient infrastructure mean that power installations and electricity distribution to electrical installations must work seamlessly. Contact us at Bravida for reliable operation and efficient solutions.

Power solutions create a stable business

At Bravida we have extensive experience and proven solutions, but we also think outside the box in different situations. Thanks to our skilled experts, we can benefit from each other's experience and use the latest technology to measure and analyse your operations. Digital tools collect data in real time and visualise shortcomings in your facility. We help you optimise and make your existing plant more energy efficient, minimising costs and emissions. This is what we can help you with:


  • Installation of electrical facilities
  • Design of power stations
  • High-voltage lines for railways, street lighting, wind power and more
  • Construction of transformer stations
  • Operation and maintenance of power stations
  • Operation and maintenance of electrical networks

Substations are an important part of the electricity supply

Industrial installations must be reliable and allow for the optimal use of machinery. Transformer stations are connected to a switchboard. They distribute electricity and need maintenance and optimisation to reduce electricity losses and energy consumption. Each transformer is part of a bigger picture and a building block of society.

Authorised technicians

High-voltage lines carry thousands of volts to distribute electricity. There are often measures to be taken to minimise the loss of electricity. Both operation and maintenance. Our technicians are authorised and work efficiently to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Different solutions for different needs

High voltage systems for industry, hospitals or server halls are different. We have extensive experience in documenting and analysing the needs of the business and offer both specific interventions and overall strategies. We support you with our expertise all the way.

Power services to rely on

High voltage is difficult to handle and downright dangerous if you come into contact with it. Let Bravida's experienced electricians take care of servicing power stations, electricity networks and electrical installations. Get help with both operation and maintenance. This reduces the risk of sudden stoppages or serious accidents.