Climate impact, energy and use of resources

We only have one planet, but in the Nordic countries we live as if we had four. Bravida wants to contribute to change in this area by working in smart and efficient ways to bring about better use of resources. And it’s our customer offering that has the greatest potential to contribute towards change. At the same time we’re also adapting our own operations.



Bravida’s climate journey

Climate neutrality for our customers and ourselves


100 %

By 2023, we will use renewable energy in 100% of the premises we rent.


- 30 %

By 2025, we will reduce the climate impact of our own business activities by 30% compared to 2020.*


- 55%

Through our services, we aim to help customers cut emissions by 55% by 2030. At the same time, we will make the same reduction in our own operations.


CO2 = 0

The long-term goal is to be climate neutral throughout our value chain by 2045, so that our customers can be as well.


*Refers to Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions (direct emissions from our vehicles) and Scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions from purchased energy related to our offices and premises).

How we help our customers reduce their climate impact

Every day we help our customers create well-functioning properties and achieve their sustainability goals. The right fittings and regular service make a property smarter, help ensure more efficient use of resources and can generate value over a long period of time.

Some examples of measures:

Regular service
Simple energy improvements
Energy optimisation

Low-carbon energy solutions
Sustainable material choices




In automation, we connect the building’s installations and link them to a central system. Everything that happens in the facility’s installations can then be monitored and controlled remotely – such as temperature, air quality, lighting or maintenance needs.

This allows the installations to work better together, thus using less energy.

Low-carbon energy solutions

We’re now investing in the future. Through low-carbon energy solutions, we have the chance to help more customers make the transition to a fossil-free and electrified society. This includes the installation and servicing of:

- Solar panels

- Electric car charging

- Heat pumps

- Energy-efficient lighting systems

Energy optimisation

Often we see installations with the wrong settings, in need of cleaning or simply too old, and therefore consume more energy than necessary.

Energy optimisation is a relatively simple way to improve the energy efficiency of a building – and at the same time increase the lifetime of the installations.

How we’re adapting our own operations

We’re now adapting our own operations. Our fleet of vehicles is to become fossil-free, we are planning smarter transport, reducing our energy consumption and switching to renewable energy in our offices.

The use of materials is another key issue. By choosing the right products, minimising rubbish and wastage, recycling and becoming better at reusing, we help conserve resources.

Some examples of measures

Energy consumption in our own buildings

Bravida leases a large number of premises throughout the Nordic region. One simple way to make a difference to the climate is to use more environmentally friendly energy.

This is why we’re switching to renewable energy in the premises we rent. Our goal is to use renewable electricity in 100% of our premises by the end of 2023.

Vehicles and transport

The most significant environmental aspect within our company is travel and transport. A key objective is to limit fuel-related CO2 emissions. Here are some of the measures that are in progress:

- We’re switching to fossil-free fuels.

- We’re expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure at our offices.

- Property service using low-carbon transport in cities across the Nordics.

Materials and waste

Another key issue is materials and waste management. This is a complex area that requires cooperation with many different actors. Our current measures include the following:

- We’re planning projects and assignments to ensure the efficient use of resources.

- We’re improving the choice and use of materials, waste management and reuse.

- We’re training our staff in environmental, chemical and waste management.

Bravida’s Sustainability Report

Bravida’s Sustainability Report is an integral part of our Annual Report. It clarifies our responsibilities, our strengths and our areas for development from a sustainability perspective. We take the UN Global Compact as our starting point and describe how we work with sustainability issues.

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