GreenHub fossil-free deliveries throughout the Nordic region

GreenHub is Bravida's concept for service with a focus on sustainability and fossil-free deliveries in the Nordic region's major cities.

GreenHub services in major cities, fossil-free and fast

With a central location GreenHub, in the middle of the city, we get there quickly and easily by electric bike, electric moped or on foot. On the way to you, we do not get stuck in traffic jams or need to look for parking spaces. We completely avoid congestion taxes and parking fees.

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Our offer

GreenHub offers you a full-scale service for your property. With expertise in all areas, we recommend a new security solution for the office, or a review of old ventilation solutions.

No customer is too small or too big for us.

Bravida initiates GreenHub

In September 2021 we launched Bravida GreenHub in eight major Nordic cities, with delivery of services centrally by electric bike, electric moped and on foot. This makes faster service which is entirely free from fossil fuels.

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The GreenHub concept was born in Oslo at the Region Service department about nine months ago. It was a success story and has since helped an increasing number of customers reduce their climate footprint. They have also recently expanded and opened in Bergen.
Read more about GreenHub Norway here

What can you expect from Bravida GreenHub?


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  • All assignments take place with a fossil-free transport from the GreenHub office to you
  • From GreenHub, we carry out assignments in the cities' city centers and nearby districts
  • We provide advice on reduced energy consumption in the property
  • Fossil-free deliveries from suppliers to Bravida GreenHub
  • Proposal to replace sustainable products according to accepted standards
  • Suggestions and dialogue about how we work together for circular recycling
  • Collaboration for a social sustainability with the city and our customers
  • A strong commitment to the Green City