Why you should choose Bravida as your new employer

Bravida is a major employer - in fact, the largest in electricity, heating and ventilation in the Nordic region. This means we can offer a lot to you as an employee.

We offer many opportunities

At Bravida, we are 13,000 employees working together. We are fitters, service technicians, project managers, service managers, estimators, managers, business developers, economists - all professionals in their fields. Together we can take on exciting and technically demanding assignments that few other companies can handle.

Medarbetare från Bravida i varselkläder

We work on both small and large projects

At Bravida, we help customers with climate-smart end-to-end service and installation solutions. We propose and install energy-efficient technical solutions and with regular maintenance we ensure that everything works as it should - around the clock, all year round.


We have worked on a lot of exciting projects over the years, with service and installation in most types of properties, facilities and infrastructure.


Find out more about our projects


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With us you are part of the team!

Read more about our work with health and safety, key sustainability issues, and creating an inclusive workplace.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of everything we do and stand for as an organization. They define the way we work, our ambitions and our commitment to our customers, employees and society as a whole.

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Care for business

  • We are passionate about our business
  • We constantly aim to enhance customer value and identify new business opportunities
  • We are cost conscious
  • We create great results together


Keep it simple

  • We are service minded and easy to work with
  • We apply group-wide working methods 
  • We work together to deliver effective end-to-end solutions for customers


Take responsibility

  • We are reliable, and we keep our promises
  • We never put safety at risk in the workplace
  • We take responsibility for the  environment, customer relations, society and people


Be proactive

  • We actively seek out customers, listen attentively and propose solutions
  • We think about the future to generate opportunities and avoid risks
  • We aim to constantly develop and we stay one step ahead