Solar cells - A climate smart investment

Benefit from solar energy and reduce electricity costs. Solar cells are the environmentally friendly alternative to non-renewable energy sources. We help companies invest in high-quality, comprehensive solar solutions. We customise each installation according to our customers' specific wishes and conditions.

Invest in solar cells for your business

Companies that already understand the potential of solar energy have a head start. By investing today, you can save tomorrow. We help companies invest in high-quality, comprehensive solar solutions. With solar cells, you produce your own electricity and reduce costs. Each installation is customised to our customers' specific wishes and conditions. When the solar cells are installed, you will immediately see the results on your electricity bill. After a couple of years, the installation is more or less paid off. An investment that pays off!

An installation you can count on

At Bravida, we offer a complete solar cell solution from the market's leading and most well-established manufacturers. We tailor each installation to our customers' specific requirements and conditions. In addition, you get industry-leading power guarantees and our own five-year installation guarantee.

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How do solar cells work?

Solar cells benefit both you and other buyers on the market.
This is how solar cells work in your favour:


A sunny day is a sunshine story
The sunlight shines on the solar cells. They are usually located on the roof. The sun's rays are converted into electricity.


Exciting forces in motion
An inverter converts the direct current of the roof panels into alternating current. In the building's power centre, the energy is distributed so that you get your own environmentally friendly electricity.


Shared joy is double joy
If you produce more electricity than you use, you can either sell or store your electricity and get more when you need it.

What is the price of solar cells?

Prices for solar panels vary. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about installing solar panels. You can also book a free consultation where we make a home visit and together go through the conditions for your particular property. We then develop a solar cell solution that matches your wishes and provide a cost proposal.


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