Datacenter and critical solutions

At Bravida, we make sure that our customers' critical operating environments is running 24/7, all year round. With broad expertise, extensive experience and an organisation throughout Sweden, we can assist in everything from solution design to construction, installation and ongoing service.

Uninterruptible power is more than UPS

Companies and socially critical organisations in certain areas have a requirement for uninterruptible power supply. Hospitals are an example where ensuring uninterruptible power is more important than anything else. Equipment must not be exposed to power outages. But it is not only the public sector that needs uninterruptible power: industry, real estate, data centres, server rooms, airports are some examples and the scope of critical equipment varies.

Avbrottsfri drift - Critical Power, Bravida.

In larger installations, uninterruptible power is much more than a small-scale battery UPS that keeps an alarm system running for an hour or two despite a power cut. Redundancy in the form of backup power systems is not uncommon when the need is greater. Bravida has both small and large-scale expertise that can handle uninterruptible power supply for more extensive needs.


Safe and uninterruptible solutions require analysis, planning, design, installation and operational monitoring. This is part of our everyday life and not something we take for granted. With broad expertise, long experience and an organisation throughout Sweden, we are a reliable player.

Key elements of critical infrastructure

Our customers have mission-critical operating environments that need to be up and running 24/7, all year round. Often the solution is unique to the individual customer with products from market-leading suppliers who are all specialised in their field. We take overall responsibility and review these parts when a project is implemented.


  • Project management / Needs analysis
  • Design and construction
  • Installation / Commissioning
  • Service contracts

Holistic solutions and synergies

Our critical infrastructure offer is a complete solution for both large and small projects. We take overall responsibility for the project and have uniform delivery responsibility regardless of where your business is located.


In addition to the overall uninterruptible power supply, there is a great opportunity to look at synergies in e.g., on-call or servicing of remote system monitoring and it doesn't stop there. Optimising power usage, critical cooling, fire alarms, access control, alarms, lock, and sprinklers are other areas of synergy in uninterruptible power.

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In our projects, we have a high level of environmental awareness and specialise in energy optimisation, among other things. Would you like help in designing new construction, conversion, upgrading and modernisation of your business's uninterruptible power supply? We ensure that mission-critical infrastructure works and, regardless of the current situation, there are ongoing contracts for service and on-call maintenance to ensure reliable operation.


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