Sprinklers, extinguishing solutions - before the emergency services arrive

A sprinkler system controls or extinguishes fires in 98% of cases. That’s better than any other fire safety measure. An automatic sprinkler system is always ready to protect your life and your property, 24/7, 365 days a year.

A vital distance job

We launch Bravida Sprinkler Remote to optimize control and compliance of your sprinkler system. Everything at a distance. Documentation and traceability are increasing and you can be sure that the facility works with the best conditions. We reduce the need for resources and the environmental impact immediately.

What is Bravida Sprinkler Remote?

Basically, sprinkler remote is about:


Changes can be fixed before a shutdown.


Controls are performed digitally according to the regulations and you can easily follow the work.


The documentation is updated and is always available digitally for all your properties.

Construction and installation of sprinkler systems

All the way from construction and documentation before investment decisions, to installation with and subsequent service. Our experienced designers develop sprinkler solutions that are both cost-effective and adapted to the conditions in your business.

Bravida utför installation av sprinkleranläggningar

Durable extinguishing system with water mist

Through very small water droplets, the extinguishing efficiency increases and at the same time the need for water decreases. Water mist is the sustainable sprinkler solution that also significantly reduces the risk of subsequent water damage. The reduced water supply also means that the pipe dimension can be reduced.

How does water extinguishing with water mist work?


Water mist extinguishes fires by spreading very small water droplets (less than 1 mm), which increases the extinguishing efficiency and reduces the need for water.


The water droplets are created when a high water pressure flows out through small nozzle openings.


The water mist then evaporates quickly in the fire flames and cools the fire.

Service of sprinklers and extinguishing solutions

If you for example need to adapt your sprinkler system or extinguishing solution with water mist to new tenants, updating documentation, training facility caretakers or performing systematic maintenance and function tests, then we will arrange it for you. 

This is what we offer in sprinklers and extinguishing solutions

  • Planning and documentation
  • Turnkey and call-off contracts
  • Upgrading and extension of existing systems
  • Systematic maintenance and testing
  • Training of system attendants 

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Regulations for water mist systems

The regulations SBF 503: 1 contain requirements for:

  • Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance

  • Design must be carried out by a certified qualified engineer and that installation and commissioning must be carried out by a certified construction company.

  • Third party inspections must be performed by a certified inspection company,  delivery inspection after installation and thereafter annual audit inspections.

  • Trained facility managers must ensure that the facility is kept in proper operation and that weekly, quarterly and annual inspections are carried out in accordance with the maintenance plan. All inspections must be noted in an inspection journal.


We design and install systems that meet Swedish/European standards SBF/SS-EN 12845 or US standards such as NFPA or FM Global.

Bravida and its staff are certified for sprinkler installation and service under Swedish Fire and Security Certification. Our staff have many years of experience in this area.