Our goals

To achieve our vision, we guide our business towards key targets that reflect our ambitions on profitable growth, financial stability, being a sustainable company and having the sector's strongest brand.

Long-term profitable growth

Sales growth

Bravida aims to increase its sales by more than 5 percent per year.
A combination of organic growth and contribution from bolt-on acquisitions

Financial stability

Adjusted operating margin

Bravida aims to achieve an EBITA margin exceeding 7%, including the dilution effect of acquisitions.

Cash conversion see definitions

Bravida aims to maintain a cash generation ratio exceeding 100%.

Capital structure

Bravida’s capital structure aims to enable a high degree of financial flexibility and provide scope for acquisitions. The company’s target is a ratio of < 2.5x net debt/EBITDA.

Dividend policy

Bravida’s objective is to pay out at least 50 percent of the Group’s consolidated net profit, taking account of other factors such as financial position, cash flow and growth opportunities.

A sustainable company
Sustainable use of resources - efficient production and energy-efficient offerings

  • By 2023, we will use renewable energy in 100% of the premises we rent.
  • By 2025, we will reduce the CO2 impact of our own business activities by 30% compared to 2020.*
  • Through our services, we aim to help customers cut emissions by 55% by 2030. At the same time, we will make the same reduction in our own operations.
  • The long-term goal is to be carbon-neutral throughout our value chain by 2045, so that our customers can be as well.

*Refers to Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions (direct emissions from our vehicles) and Scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions from purchased energy related to our offices and premises).

Read more about Bravida's sustainability work here. 

Social responsibility

Health and safety at Bravida

At Bravida our vision is to eliminate occupational injuries entirely. We put health and safety first, and we care about each other.

  • By 2023, we will reduce the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate* (LTIFR) to below 5.5.

*Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate – number of accidents that lead to at least one day of sickness absence per million working hours.

The most attractive employer

Bravida wants to be the best employer in the industry. Together, we’re building a team in which employees feel safe – and thrive and develop.

  • Our goal by 2023 is for the proportion of employees who recommend Bravida as an employer, to be higher than 20 eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score).

Read more about Bravida's social responsibility here. 

Conduct and supply chain 

Shared compass for business activities

As employees, we expect responsible behaviour from each other. And we have equally high expectations of our suppliers.

  • By 2023 all employees will have received Bravida’s sustainability training, which is based on the Sustainability Policy, along with training in the Code of Conduct.
  • By 2023, 100 % of Bravidas significant suppliers will have undergone qualification, and Bravida will ensure this through assessment.

Read more about Bravida's conduct here.

A strong brand

The strongest brand in the industry

Our ambition is to be the strongest brand in the industry - in the entire Nordic region.

  • Our goal by 2023 is for the proportion of customers who recommend Bravida to be higher than 50 NPS (Net Promoter Score).