Energy management – the basis for the good running of properties

By optimising energy usage, big gains can be made, for companies as a whole and also in terms of costs and the environment. Energy management means taking a holistic approach to energy usage in your properties. Based on analysis, constant monitoring and concrete measures, we can optimise the energy use in your business. Whether you want to meet environmental targets, cut costs or just keep your business running smoothly, energy management is the first area over which you should take control.

Energy guzzlers can be located in all sorts of places in your properties

In terms of energy, a greener property is also a more profitable property. By identifying the energy guzzlers in your properties, you reduce costs and do the environment a favour. We assist you through the whole process, from analysis to planning and action. Together, we make sure you maximise the benefits in all areas.

Five effects of choosing Bravida Energy Management

Bravida is the only market participant that is skilled in the entire chain from analysis to implementation and monitoring. By utilising our services, you get:


  • Increased real estate value
  • Quick results regarding reduced energy usage
  • Better control and management of your properties’ energy use
  • Effective achievement of sustainability goals
  • Reporting and documenting of all elements of the project

Walking the walk as well as talking the talk

The true value of a plan or strategy is only realised when it is actually implemented. That’s our favourite part. It doesn’t matter whether projects are long or short, or where the properties are located. We ensure that the needs and objectives are always met.


Monitoring and legal requirements

Without monitoring, the impact is difficult to measure and confirm. We always make sure that our projects achieve their targets and also that there is sufficient information available for reporting purposes, in order to fulfil all the new energy efficiency requirements defined in legislation.

How many kilowatt hours would you like to get back?

Clear results are a common aspect in all our projects. If you cannot get a positive return on your investment, we have failed. In the vast majority of cases, we can therefore guarantee a result before we start our projects. Often, many kilowatt hours are saved.

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Energy management – the basis for the good running of properties.

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