With more people choosing electric cars, more convenient charging options are needed. Bravida offers a convenient vehicle charging solution for your business, housing cooperative or private home - including design, support and management tools.

Vehicle charging for property owners, companies and housing cooperative

In order for you to be able to easily offer employees, customers or residents a safe and secure vehicle charging, we offer planning, installation, support and system for administration.

The type of vehicle charging facility you require depends on your specific needs. We ensure that the facility we provide can be easily adaptable to your changing needs.

If you require updates or additional features in the future, we can carry them out for you. We are present all across Sweden, which means that we can provide quick installation and service at your location. 

Want to know more about our vehicle charging offer for property owners, companies and housing cooperatives? 

Vehicle charging for private homes

7,795 SEK incl. VAT and ROT tax deduction*

With Zaptec Go, you get a really smart and flexible charger with many features that do not take up much space.


This is included in the purchase of the Zaptec Go charging box:

  • Charging box Zaptec Go 11kW 3-phase 16A
  • 5 years warranty
  • Total 30 km from the local Bravida office
  • Cabling maximum 10 metres of wall from connection point
  • 1 hole drilling
  • Mounting of charger on wall
  • Installation of personal protection device or earth leakage circuit breaker in central or facade meter cabinet (requires free space)
  • Commissioning and introduction of the charger

*If the ROT tax deduction is not granted, the customer pays the full price of SEK 15,136 including VAT.

Read more about ROT tax deduction at Skatteverket

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