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Bravida's history

Bravida originates from former BPA, a Swedish building and installation company with roots from the 1920's. The company was formed in 2000 through a merger of BPS and the installation sector of Telenor. In the autumn of 2015, Bravida was listed at Nasdaq Stockholm.

Year Event
1922 Twelve building guilds form the foundation of BPA
1967 Aktiebolaget BPA Byggproduktion AB is formed
1986 BPA's shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange
1993 Building services becomes the company's main business area
1994 Ventilationsunion is acquired from Trelleborg AB
1995 Ludvigsen & Herman A/S, a Danish plumbing & HVAC firm, is acquired
1999 BPA's shares are delisted
2000 BPA's and Telenor's building services operations are merged
2003 Bravida acquires Semco A/S and Prenad of Denmark
2004 The company's operations are concentrated to the core business areas electrical, heating & plumbing and HVAC
2006 The private equity firm Triton becomes the new main owner
2009 Bravida acquires Siemens Installation AS in Norway
2012 Bain Capital becomes the new main owner of Bravida.
2015 Bravida enters the Finnish market by the acquisition of Peko Group.
2015 Bravida is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm.
2017 Private equity firm Bain Capital sells all its shares
2017 Bravida purchases Oras AS in Norway