Work environment and safety

Our vision is that no employee should suffer harm at work, either physically or mentally. That’s why we focus systematically on work environment and safety. And why we say stop, if working doesn’t feel safe.

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Our vision:
No employee should get injured at work


Annual work environment week To reinforce our safety culture, Bravida organises an annual work environment week throughout the Nordic region.

Bravida says stop

We at Bravida work in a high-risk industry. No one wants to get injured, but it still happens. We want to change that.

If we can’t guarantee that performing a task is safe, we say stop. No deadline is more important than our employees’ safety.

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Safety at Bravida

Safety is our top priority. Many accidents can be avoided through a few basic steps.

The STOP approach

Stop and take a moment to think! The STOP approach aids our employees in sizing up day-to-day risks.

Health & safety policy

Our vision is that no Bravida employee should suffer from work-related physical or mental ill health.

Bravida working with others for safety in the industry

To reduce the number of accidents in the servicing and installation industry, the various operators in the construction process have to work together. It’s why Bravida was a co-founder of the ‘Samverkan för noll olyckor i byggbranschen’ (Partnership for Zero Accidents in the Construction Industry) organisation.