Growing with us

Bravida offers great opportunities for those who want to learn more, develop their career or try something new. We believe in your ability to find your own path!

What kind of workday do you want?

Are you a service-oriented person who enjoys making the customer's day a little better? Or do you want to be part of an impressive construction project in the city? Are you a specialist or engineer who wants to work with project calculations, finance or business development?

In a large company like Bravida, there are many different types of jobs, workplaces, training and career opportunities.


Here is what you can do at Bravida


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The Bravida School

The Bravida School offers development for all employees, regardless of their professional background. Our tailor-made courses help you develop and reach new career heights. Our courses are delivered by internal and external experts who share their knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. We use modern teaching methods for an engaging and rewarding learning experience.

Medarbetare på Bravida i ett möte

When you grow, we grow!

  1. For our professionals, we have developed courses that focus on practical skills and job-specific challenges. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a technician looking to learn the latest techniques in your field, we have courses that will give you the tools you need to become even more proficient in your profession.
  2. For our engineers and specialists, we offer courses in areas such as management, communication, marketing and leadership. We know that strong skills in these areas are essential for running successful projects and leading teams towards set goals.
  3. For our leaders, we offer specialized courses designed to strengthen your leadership skills. We also offer courses on leading change, crisis management and salary setting to strengthen your leadership role and help you lead your team to success.

Leadership at Bravida

At Bravida we invest in our leaders. If you are a leader within Bravida, we offer leadership training in several stages for those with direct and indirect personnel responsibility.