Coordinated installations

Bravida Plus – your single point of contact for all installations

Electricity, heating and plumbing, and ventilation – what do they have in common? Quite a lot. We view all installations as parts of a whole, and this is evident in our projects. We call this approach Bravida Plus.

Lots of construction projects include electricity, heating and plumbing, and ventilation as separate subprojects. Responsibility often lies with numerous different suppliers and project managers, and the customer has to coordinate these. This can lead to the project being inefficient and no one really taking overall responsibility for the installations.

Bravida Plus ensures a cohesive installation project

Bravida views the installations in a property as a whole. By working as part of a cohesive project, we ensure installations are fitted systematically and efficiently. And it means the customer deals with a single project manager throughout the project. Bravida oversees coordination of all installations and ensures you, the customer, are happy with the end result.

Bravida Plus works for all installation projects involving two or more technical areas. We are often involved from the concept stage and project design.

Partnering – shared objectives mean a smooth process

Bravida adopts a comprehensive approach. Partnering projects involve us joining together with construction firms, consultants and other contractors. This is both less expensive and better for customers, and makes for a more efficient project for everyone involved.

Partnering projects involve a number of parties – builders, consultants and contractors – coming together to create a joint construction project in which everyone has equal responsibility. This form of cooperation is based on the parties openly reporting risks, costs and objectives to each other. This allows the team to establish an inventory of risks at the start and make a joint final cost estimate.

Over the course of the project, the team can then maintain an open dialogue to ensure good decisions are taken together. This increases the likelihood of continually identifying and discussing opportunities for improvement. And partnering also creates a comprehensive approach, which ultimately leads to better cooperation, higher quality and greater profitability for the project.