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Bravida’s invoices are handled electronically. For a supplier to be paid on time, it’s important that invoices meet certain requirements.

Customer invoices

Bravida currently sends most invoices electronically and we strive to send all invoices electronically. If you are interested in receiving electronic invoices from Bravida, please contact us via or by phone to: Monika Spång, acting head of customer ledger,  +46 (8) 695 22 57

Supplier invoices

In order for you as a supplier to be paid on time, it is important that the invoices are sent electronically and meet Bravida's requirements for an 11-digit work order reference.

Bravida only accepts electronic invoices. Therefore, we want you as a supplier to use electronic invoice management (EDI) and format peppol.

Send invoices with Peppol

To send invoices via Peppol, you must join a company that supports your e-invoicing via Peppol. Check with your supplier of financial systems, invoicing systems, VAN services or equivalent if they can send via the Peppol network.

Suppliers who do not send e-invoices

As a supplier, have you not started with electronic invoices? Then you should choose Peppol invoice which is the standard that applies in Sweden, in Europe and in some other countries. It is often possible to create e-invoices via existing business systems / financial systems. Check with your system supplier for more information.

Bravida uses Opus Capita as the VAN operator.
Supplier invoices from Bravida's major material suppliers are administered electronically via Bravida's purchasing system (Bravis).

Do you have questions about sending invoices via EDI?


Requirements for supplier invoices

To ensure that the invoicing process works and you are paid on time, all invoices to Bravida must fulfil our requirements:

  • The invoice must be issued to the right company with the right address. 
  • Please include the 11-digit work order number. This is the work order number that allows Bravida to know who should receive the supplier invoice. It is not sufficient to provide a person’s name as a reference.