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Bravida’s invoices are handled electronically. For a supplier to be paid on time, it’s important that invoices meet certain requirements.

Customer invoices

Bravida currently sends most invoices electronically and we strive to send all invoices electronically. For more info on how to contact us to receive your invoices electronically from us, read more here:
EDI Invoicing.

Supplier invoices

Supplier invoices from Bravida’s large materials suppliers are managed electronically via Bravida’s purchasing system.

Bravida is endeavouring to create a fully automated invoice process. We would therefore like our suppliers to send invoices using electronic data interchange (EDI). Supplier invoices that still arrive as a hard copy are scanned in by a third party at Frösön, Sweden. 

Requirements for supplier invoices

To ensure that the invoicing process works and you are paid on time, all invoices to Bravida must fulfil our requirements:

  • The invoice must be issued to the right company with the right address. The correct addresses for Bravida’s companies can be found under invoicing addresses.
  • Please include the 11-digit work order number. This is the work order number that allows Bravida to know who should receive the supplier invoice. It is not sufficient to provide a person’s name as a reference.