Customer cases

Bravida is the Nordic region's leading supplier of climate-smart end-to-end solutions in service and installation for properties and facilities. We have completed a number of projects. Here is a list of some of them.

Installations at Enköping Municipality’s new wastewater treatment

INSTALLATION: Bravida has been commissioned by Enköping Municipality to install electrical, plumbing, sanitation, ventilation and control systems in a new wastewater treatment plant, which will improve water treatment and help the municipality meet environmental requirements for wastewater.

Technical Facility Management - Schneider Electric

SERVICE & INSTALLATION: A long-term partnership with Schneider Electric for Technical Facility Management in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Bravida tecknar flerårigt avtal med  Trophi Fastighets AB inom teknisk Facility Management.

Facility Management - Trophi Fastighets AB

SERVICE. Multi-year contract for technical Facility Management at 40 properties in Stockholm and the Mälardalen area.

Bravida GreenHub Norway reduced Fagforbundet’s energy use

SERVICE. Bravida provides service to Fagforbundet on electric bikes, and has also helped significantly reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting in the building.

Sustainable service at the historic Britannia Hotel

SERVICE. Bravida GreenHub provides electrical, plumbing, ventilation and IT services at Britannia Hotel in Trondheim, Norway.

GreenHub deliver services to properties in Denmark

SERVICE. Our sustainable service concept GreenHub offers services to properties in Denmark.

Energy efficient installations in Torsvik, Jönköping, Sweden

INSTALLATION AND SERVICE. Bravida is installing in a 125,000 square metre factory building outside in Torsvik, Jönköping.

Bravida manages the electrical work at Siuntio Campus in Finland

INSTALLATION AND SERVICE. The civil training campus is the largest investment that Siuntio municipality has ever undertaken. Bravida was tasked with carrying out the electrical work on the campus.

Electrical and automation maintenance for Adara Pakkaus in Finland

SERVICE. Corrugated cardboard factory Adara Pakkaus chose Bravida to ensure that the electrical and automation systems in Adara's factory work flawlessly.

Service and installation at the international giant SalMar

INSTALLATION AND SERVICE. SalMar is building one of the world's largest salmon fry hatcheries in Trondheim, where Bravida is responsible for electric, ventilation, automation and heat, water and sanitation.

Technical Facility Management at Schneider Electric

SERVICE. Bravida signs a Nordic service agreement with Schneider Electric that includes preventive and corrective maintenance.

The Finnish Literature Society's new subterranean archive

SERVICE. Bravida Finland is responsible for the ventilation, pipework and automation work at the Finnish Literature Society's new underground premises.

Energy optimisation at DTU Nanolab, Denmark

INSTALLATION. Bravida was commissioned to install fan files and lighting fixtures in a nano lab.

The new hospital in Odense, Denmark

INSTALLATION AND SERVICE. Bravida has signed a contract for the complete provision, installation and maintenance of the entire infrastructure. It also includes a service contract for the building for 12.5 years.

Karlatornet, Gothenburg

INSTALLATION. Bravida performs all installations for Karlatornet, Gothenburg's first skyscraper.

Bus terminal Slussen, Stockholm

INSTALLATION. Bravida is carrying out the technical installation work on the new bus terminal in the Slussen area in Stockholm.

Geely hotel in Gothenburg

INSTALLATION. Bravida has been commissioned to fit heating and plumbing, HVAC and control systems in the project.

Logistics centre in Bålsta

INSTALLATION. Bravida was assigned to carry out planning and installation of electrical, telecom and process cooling systems, at a new logistics centre in Bålsta.

Sara Cultural Centre

INSTALLATION. Bravida performed all installations of Sara Cultural Centre in Skellefteå, Sweden's tallest wooden building.

Scandinavian XPO

INSTALLATION. We are helping turn Eurostop in Arlandastad into an international meeting destination.

Swimming centre in Enköping

INSTALLATION. Bravida was responsible for installing electrical, ventilation, heating, and plumbing systems in Enköping’s new swimming and leisure centre.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

INSTALLATION. Bravida is responsible for installation of electrical, heating, plumbing, and HVAC at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Great Belt Fixed Link

SERVICE. Bravida Denmark is responsible for operating and maintaining all mechanical and electrical systems in the Great Belt Fixed Link.

Stockholm City Line

INSTALLATION. Stockholm's largest infrastructure project, Stockholm City Line was completed in 2017. Bravida was responsible for all HVAC installations.


INSTALLATION. In the construction of Gardermoen's new North Pier, Bravida Norway carried out all electrical work and data and fibre-optic cable laying.

A Gothenburg Arena

INSTALLATION. Summer 2015 saw the opening of the Prioritet Serneke Arena in Gothenburg. Bravida carried out all electrical, heating and plumbing, HVAC, automation, sprinklers, elevators and cooling installations.

Postnord's Post Terminal

SERVICE. Bravida carried out all installations when Postnord's terminal was built. Now, Bravida is also responsible for operation and maintenance of the building.

Facebook data centre

INSTALLATION. When Facebook's high-tech data center was built in Luleå, Sweden, Bravida had the turnkey responsibility for all installations.

Friends Arena

INSTALLATION. When Friends Arena in Stockholm was built, Bravida was responsible for all electrical installations.

Sunderby Hospital

SERVICE. Bravida has managed the technical operation of Sunderby Hospital in Luleå, Northern Sweden for the past 12 years.