Your path to Bravida

Bravida is the Nordic region's leading supplier of comprehensive solutions for the service and installation of electricity, heating, ventilation and other technical functions in properties and facilities. Through well-functioning and energy-efficient properties, we help our customers in the transition to a more sustainable society.

Bravidas installatörer på väg till ett uppdrag

What's your path to Bravida?

We need more people and we need to know more to enable the sustainable, energy-efficient and smart society of the future.

En servicetekniker på Bravida utför service

Here's what you can do at Bravida

At Bravida we have a variety of roles, whether you are a professional, engineer, specialist or manager - or new to the industry. Together we have unique opportunities to carry out large and exciting assignments.

We bring buildings to life

Bravida is a comprehensive technology partner with operations in several technology areas: electricity, heating and sanitation, ventilation, security, sprinkler, cooling, power and technical property management.


Our employees who work with installations and service need different skills, ranging from vocational workers from high school, project managers to electrical and plumbing engineers with training from vocational colleges or universities.

En tekniker på Bravida