Divide facilities management into two parts

Many property owners already have integrated facilities management. This is a complete solution for everything related to the workplace and property. However, such integration may look easy and straightforward on paper, but is rarely as good in practice. We therefore challenge that concept by saying that you should divide facilities management into two parts: A hard part and a soft part.

The taste of a perfect property

Hard facilities management involves aspects such as property operation, energy optimisation and fire safety. The focus here is on technology. The soft part involves aspects such as coffee and catering, office plants and the handling of mail. Both sides are equally important but require different skills. So you should therefore have technology-focused specialists to handle the hard facilities management. Why is this so important? Because the feeling of a property performing at its best is as good a start to the day as a perfect cup of coffee.

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Properties that make you grow

A property that performs well is the starting point for ensuring you and everyone else can do a really good job. When we talk about hard and soft facilities management, we consider the hard part to be the prerequisite that allows the soft part to perform at its best. The latter involves making sure that the indoor environment is as good as possible for everyone who spends time there. The basis, of course, is to think in a long-term and sustainable way, thus allowing the benefits of the premises and the value of the property to grow.

The whole and sustainability go hand in hand

Climate change is becoming more obvious every day. We all must do what we can to reduce emissions before the tipping point is reached. In the buildings of today, a lot of the technical equipment is integrated. This offers great opportunities to identify and realise synergies. This may involve, for example, making ventilation and heating systems work better together. This often leads to significant savings purely in terms of energy usage; around 20 percent at the start of each assignment.


In addition, having a better overview of your entire property increases the reliability of its running and reduces the number of unforeseen events. This ultimately results in a lower climate impact. Thinking holistically and thinking sustainably go hand in hand.

Bravida Technical Facility Management – five simple benefits

Bravida Technical Facility Management ensures that your property performs better. An impact is often made straight away. In short, this means the following:


  • Reduced energy use by optimising and adjusting systems
  • A more sustainable property portfolio in the short term and long term
  • Increased productivity as a result of a better indoor climate
  • Increased safety, in terms of both operational reliability and shell protection
  • Increased property value and increased lifespan of the entire portfolio

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