Cooling – the right temperature, 24/7

Even in cold climates we need cooling systems. Food needs to be stored at the right temperature, ice rinks need to be kept frozen and data centres need to be prevented from overheating. All of this needs to work without outages, and ideally using as little energy as possible.

Installation of cooling systems

Bravida offers turnkey contracts for most cooling systems. We install and maintain cooling systems that use CO2, propane and ammonia, as well as traditional refrigerants.

We can help with all stages of installation. When designing and installing a cooling system, we always aim to minimise energy consumption and environmental footprint.

Servicing and upgrading of cooling systems

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure a reliable cooling system. We carry out servicing of most cooling systems and cover all makes. We can also manage systems’ alarm functions, and in many locations we are able to offer customers call-out agreements. Contact your local branch for more information.

Most cooling systems can be made more efficient, particularly if service has previously been neglected. Normal measures include cleaning heat exchanger surfaces, replacing compressors and adjusting the system’s fill ratio.  We can also help improve system operating strategy to reduce energy consumption. For example, cooling systems always generate heat; why not reuse that heat and save energy?

Our cooling offering includes:

  • Industrial cooling
  • Food storage cooling
  • Comfort cooling
  • Ice rinks
  • Data centres
  • Refrigeration
  • Cold stores
  • Energy optimisation