The combination within a layout should always include one or both primary colors. While the Bravida Blue or Green assures visual depth and brand recognition, the white adds lightness and space, and the supportive colors individually contribute to a modern, fresh and dynamic expression.

Primary colors

primary brandcolors_500px_1.png

Bravida Blue

Bravida Green

PMS 7706 C
PMS 7706 U 
RGB 0.99.144
HEX #006390 
NCS 4050-B
RAL 5009
PMS C 3385
PMS U 3375
RGB 52.224.161
HEX #34E0A1
NCS S 1050-B90G

Supportive colors

In many cases it is necessary to widen the two primary brand colors, therefore we have six supportive colors. The supportive colors are designed to be  used with care and never to overpower or replace our primary brand colors. Bravida Silver should only be used as a Pantone-color or foil in order to create the best silver effect possible.  

supportive colors_500px.png

Dark Blue

Bravida Light
Blue 75

Bravida Light
Blue 50

PMS 7708 C
PMS 7708 U
RGB 0.53.78
HEX #00354E
NCS 5540-B10G

PMS Process Cyan C 75% 
PMS Process Cyan U 75% 
RGB 0.182.237
PMS Process Cyan C 50%
PMS Process Cyan U 50% 
RGB 131.208.245 
HEX #83D0F5

Bravida Light
Blue 25

Bravida Pink

Bravida Silver

PMS Process Cyan C 25%
PMS Process Cyan U 25%
RGB 201.232.251
PMS 487 C
PMS 487 U
RGB 234.167.148

PMS 877 C
PMS (Pantone) is used when printing in separate colors (e.g., stationery).
CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black (Key color) is used in 4-color printing (brochures, advertising etc.)
RGB (Red/Green/Blue) is the scale for screen colors (Web and PPT etc.).
NCS (Natural Color System) is used for walls, doors, furniture etc.

Color combinations

It is important that every color combination creates sufficiant contrast for legibility. Therefore a few combinations should be avoided.