New Division Manager for Bravida in Norway

Bravida has appointed Tore Bakke to become the new Division Manager for Bravida Norway. Tore is internally recruited from his role as Regional Manager for region Øst.

Press release

Yesterday, the Board of Directors approved Tore Bakke as the new Division Manager for Bravida Norway. Tore takes over after Mattias Johansson who entered his current position as CEO and Group President on January 1st 2015.

– I am glad to hand over the torch as Norway’s Division Manager to Tore Bakke. We have been searching for a new division manager both internally and externally and to hand over the position to an internal asset proves that Bravida has a strong organization. Tore knows the company very well and has proven his capacity to develop the organization during his time as Regional Manager. I’m also convinced that Tore has both the ambition and the capacity to, along with the rest of Norway’s management, continue to develop Bravida as the market leading company in Norway, says Mattias Johansson.

Tore Bakke starts his new position immediately.   

– I feel very happy to have been given confidence. Together with the Norwegian management, I will continue to work after the strategy that Mattias has sat up for Norway. We are in a good position for continuous growth during 2015, both market wise and sales wise. Our focus in Norway will be on strengthening the local presence, go on with our effectivity program, and strengthen our contact with customers and suppliers, says Tore Bakke.

For further information, please contact:
Mattias Johansson, CEO and Group President Bravida. Phone: +46 8 695 20 00
Tore Bakke, Division Manager Bravida Norway. Phone: +47 909 41 607