Bravida installs when Skellefteå municipality builds new eco-friendly cultural center and hotel

Bravida is commissioned by HENT to perform all installations when Skellefteå municipality builds a new cultural center and hotel. The installations have a total order value of approximately SEK 150 million.

Press release

Skellefteå municipality is growing and is now investing in a new combined cultural center and hotel, a 20-storey wooden structure. Bravida has been commissioned to carry out all installations, in a collaborative project with the Norwegian construction company HENT. The order is worth approximately SEK 150 million.

“The choice fell on Bravida, since we have good experiences from previous joint partnering projects. We felt that there was a good consensus on how the project should be implemented. Bravida is present locally in Skellefteå and several nearby cities, and has also carried out similar projects in the area,” says Vegard Brå, Head of Project Section at HENT.

The cultural center and the hotel will be certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver. This means that the building must be energy efficient, which places high demands on the installations. Peter Norrman, Chief of Installations at Bravida, explains what it means for the installations:

“Ventilation and cooling will be crucial for creating a good indoor environment. The entire hotel section has a glass facade, and the solar energy that is released generates a lot of heat. It drives up energy consumption, but will partly be compensated by solar cells on the roof and facade. Another measure to reduce energy consumption is to choose energy-efficient installation components.”

“The sprinkler system is another important part of our job. Effective fire protection is crucial in a wooden construction.”

The project will employ around 40 Bravida employees. The building is expected to be completed in 2021.

For further information, please contact:
Olle Näsvall, Regional Manager, Bravida. Phone: +46 70-640 07 72
Peter Norrman, Project Manager. Phone: +46 70-675 27 28