Bravida establishes itself in Hälsingland by acquiring Sörens El AB and Sörens Kraft och Montage AB

Bravida is acquiring the two companies Sörens El AB and Sörens Kraft och Montage AB, thereby establishing itself in Hälsingland. The companies have a total turnover of SEK 110 million and around 70 employees.

Press release

Sörens El was founded by Sören Andersson in 1989 and consists of electrical service, industry, fibre, solar and contracting teams. It has a broad customer base locally in Hälsingland and is the market leader in Hudiksvall, where the company is based. Its business activities consist of electrical services, industry, fibre, solar and contracting. Sörens Kraft och Montage was founded by Jonas Andersson in 2012 and has a customer base spread over a wider geographical area. It works with assembly projects for numerous major suppliers.

“It is very pleasing that we have concluded the deal. Both the Sörens companies are stable organisations with good reputations and we feel that their corporate culture will be a good fit with that at Bravida. By now also establishing Bravida in Hudiksvall, we are strengthening our position in Hälsingland,” comments Magnus Ohlsson, Regional Manager Bravida, Southern Norrland region.

Jonas Andersson, the current owner of Sörens Kraft and co-owner of Sörens El, will continue to be part of the business as Branch Manager for Power. He comments:

“After being contacted by Bravida, we discovered that we have the same values and that our companies would fit very well together. Utilising Bravida’s economies of scale and the assistance we can get from Bravida’s support functions are very useful aspects for us. This gives our employees continued good opportunities for skills development.”

Bravida will become the new owner on 1 December 2021.

For further information, please contact:
Liselotte Stray
Head of Group Communications
+46 (0)76 852 38 11