Bravida's approach to BIM gets international attention

Autodesk University is an annual conference which brings together thousands of innovators from all over the world. This year Pascal Sayah and Kristoffer Flygare from Bravida's design team were there to present our way of working with BIM*. The conference took place on September 27-29, 2022 in New Orleans, USA.

Bravida participated with two performances, where the focus was on how our installation contracts in E4 The Stockholm bypass Project became the starting point for a design team in house, and on how we developed a method for design in 5D BIM **

Going Full Blown 5D BIM – 27 September, 2022

Presentation about 5D BIM at Bravida; how the method has developed, what it means and how we see it in the future. On stage: Kristoffer Flygare (Technology Manager, Bravida) and Firat Ergun (Technical Sales Specialist, Autodesk).

General Session Day 2 – 28 September, 2022

During the General Session, representatives of different companies share their digital transformation journeys. On stage: Pascal Sayah (Engineering Design Manager, Bravida) in discussion with Amy Bunszel (EVP Architecture, Engineering & Construction Design, Autodesk).

General Session Day 2 (Pascal's session is at 00:22:35)

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* BIM (Building Information Modeling) – is a collaborative way for multidisciplinary information storing, sharing, exchanging, and managing throughout the entire building project lifecycle including planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and demolition phase.​​​​​​


** 5D BIM – 5 Dimensions of BIM at Bravida means that data about installations in a project is collected in one model. That 3D models are combined with information about time and cost creating a 5D model. The same model is then used throughout the project – from fitters on the construction site to designers in the office.