Bravida wins another hospital project – Nya Kungälvs hospital in Sweden

Bravida has been entrusted by Skanska and Västfastigheter to perform all heating & plumbing and electrical installations when a new hospital is built in Kungälv, Sweden. It is a partnering project where costs will be determined in the initial planning stage.

Press release

Bravida has signed a strategic partnering agreement with Skanska to development a new hospital in Kungälv, Sweden. The development includes, among other things, a new healthcare facility and reconstruction of already existing facilities.

– This is a large and important project for Bravida. We have completed a number of hospital projects in recent years and have great expertise in the area. Installations in health care facilities are often complex, and therefore we are pleased to be involved early in the project. During the first phase we will decide on a common timetable and define costs, together with Skanska and Västfastigheter, says Anders Bådholm, Regional Manager, Bravida Region Göteborg.

The Regional Board of Västra Götaland, Sweden, decided to build the new healthcare facility as a first step towards the hospital's expanded role in emergency care in the Gothenburg area. Thereafter, a number of additional projects are planned, to further adapt the hospital to its new mission.

– We feel confident working with Bravida on this project. We have good experience from previous cooperation with Bravida and their organisation. Their expertise and knowledge weighed heavily in our evaluation, says Olof Peterson, District Manager, Skanska Sverige AB.

The Nya Kungälv’s hospital project is divided into several sub-projects where separate agreements will be signed for each part. The goal is to start the construction during the fall 2016 and the expansion and renovation is expected to take about five years.

Read more information about the project on Region Västra Götaland’s website:

For further information, please contact:
Anders Bådholm, Regional Manager, Bravida Region Göteborg. Phone: +46 72 732 90 91
Lennart Karlsson, Branch Manager heating & plumbing, Bravida Göteborg. Phone: +46 70 263 32 34
Tomas Thiel, Branch Manager electrical, Bravida Göteborg. Phone: +46 70 557 65 88