Bravida wins multi-year service contract for SISAB

Bravida strengthens its relationship with SISAB (School Properties in Stockholm) and has entered a service agreement for heating, plumbing and HVAC systems. The contract will lead to around ten new full-time jobs at Bravida’s department for technical service management, Bravida TSM. 

Press release

According to an earlier contract, Bravida TSM is already responsible for maintenance and repairs in SISAB:s properties, which includes premises for education of children and adolescents. In the new agreement, Bravida will assist in the maintenance of another 90 schools and 230 pre-schools.

– Together with Bravida, SISAB continues its work of optimising and developing the technical service management of our schools and preschools, where responsibility and devotion are central to our work. A  healthy environment in our buildings is crucial, comments Niklas Dalgrip, manager of the technical service department at SISAB.

Hamid Bakhtiari, branch manager at Bravida TSM, is looking forward to developing the relationship with SISAB.

– In educational premises, a healthy indoor environment is extra important, and it is necessary that the running maintenance work can be trusted. It feels great – and important – that we get to take part in the creation of a healty environment in premises made for children’s activities. For Bravida, this sizeable contract means that we will need to hire around 10 new people to our branch, says Hamid Bakhtiari.

The new agreement will run for two years, with with the option to extend the contract another 2+2 years. SISAB estimates that the order value will be around SEK 20-30 million per year. The service agreement includes regular supervision and maintenance of the heating, plumbing and HVAC systems, including repairs and emergency services.

For further information, please contact:
Ronny Axelsson, Regional Manager, Bravida TSM. Phone: +46 733-27 95 01
Hamid Bakhtiari, Branch Manager, Bravida TSM. Phone: +46-8-695 25 33