Technical Property Management

Modern properties and facilities have lots of installations that need to work 24/7, 365 days a year. The temperature needs to be pleasant, the air needs to be clean and the electricity needs to work without outages. And these different technical systems ideally need to interact optimally and consume as little energy as possible. Sound difficult? Bravida can help.

Operating agreements for easier property management

Bravida can provide ongoing technical management of all types of properties and facilities. We ensure optimal interaction between all your systems and make sure there are no disruptions and that you get immediate help if problems arise. And we can be there straight away if something goes wrong.  

We work with all types of properties and facilities for organisations of all sizes. Our customer centre offers quick and easy handling of your issues, whether you have one site or a national business.

We take care of management and
service within:

  • Electrical systems
  • Power supply and emergency power systems
  • Control and regulation systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Ventilation and heating
  • Industrial washing machines, appliances, gas cookers and industrial kitchen equipment
  • Various types of specialist equipment
  • Energy optimisation

On-call operations

Time is of the essence when you have an urgent problem. In lots of locations where Bravida operates we offer a call-out service seven days a week. In emergency call-outs, we send daily reports showing what work we have done, how long it took and what further measures are required. We can also offer cover during business hours if your regular staff are ill or attending training.

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We work with all types of properties and facilities, for both small and large customers across the country. Call your local Bravida office to find out.