Electrical services

The quality of your installation or property is important to maximise the profitability of your business and keep things running smoothly. Through regular maintenance of electrical installations, you can avoid interruptions and other unpleasant surprises. At Bravida, we have many years' experience with electrical repairs and services, whether in industrial premises or offices.

Prevent unexpected costs with the right electrical service

A regular inspection of your installation or property will allow you to detect faults and deficiencies in time and avoid high bills for emergency services. It is also important from a safety point of view to maintain the electricity in the installation. Our electrical service departments offer:


  • Electrical installations
  • Telecom, data and fibre
  • High voltage
  • Switchgear / backup power
  • Thermography
  • Alarm and security systems
  • Industrial installations
  • Control and monitoring
  • Energy optimisation
  • Qualified measurement services according to ISO/IEC 17020:12*.

This is how we work with property services


Get an overview of your property's electrical installations

Bravida examines switchboards, load distribution, boxes and cabling and reviews the property's electrical standards. Faults in electrical installations are sometimes hidden and the risks are not always apparent at first glance.

Detect the problem in time

Old or inadequate electrical installations are not only a major fire risk but can also cause high costs in terms of high electricity consumption or interruptions. In addition, a breakdown means that production stops, resulting in reduced efficiency.

Finding sustainable and cost-effective solutions

We will help you decide whether minor measures are needed or whether major changes are required. For example, if energy use can be reduced for greater sustainability. When replacing a power centre, we make sure that the costs are transparent and that the changeover is as smooth as possible. All according to the latest expertise.

Customised electrical service for your needs

Bravida provides electrical service and maintenance of electrical solutions in all types of properties and facilities. It doesn't matter whether it's a large industry, a large hospital, a small housing association or a preschool - we have electricians for all kinds of jobs.


  • We emphasise that the conditions are different in each building, both technically and in terms of the everyday life of the employees.
  • We strive to allow for damage to the property, both accidents and vandalism.

Continuous monitoring with an electricity service contract

A service agreement with Bravida helps you to detect any faults or problems and fix them quickly. Electrical service is not just about taking care of an existing solution, but can also involve development and additions that modernise your electrical system.

Optimise everything from alarms to high voltage

Bravida's electricians help to optimise, review and service all types of electrical installations. This may include all telecommunications, data and fibre in your facility or security systems. This includes locks, alarms and cameras to protect staff and theft-prone inventory. Our electrical service can also involve repairs or overhauls of industrial installations, high-voltage installations or switchgear. No job is too small, or too complex.

Contact our authorised electricians

Our electricians can help you whether you need to solve an urgent problem or get advice on long-term solutions, such as optimising the energy efficiency of your property. Through a service contract, we can build a multi-year relationship and create a sustainable, promising future for your electrical installations. This is because we get to know the business properly for a good continuity in the cooperation. We start from previously documented service maintenance. This means that everything we do is precise and well thought out.


Get in touch with one of our departments to find out what we can help you with.

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