Heating and plumbing installations

Bravida installs all types of heating and plumbing systems, both large and small. Standard installation of heating and plumbing in housing or offices, or more complex installations for industry, hospitals or leisure centres.

Bravida believes in smart solutions that ensure reliable heating and plumbing. It’s also important to us that our installations achieve optimal energy efficiency, and we are keen to help customers reduce water and energy use where possible, for example by calibrating heating systems, fitting new energy-efficient pumps and replacing thermostats.

Bravida’s heating and plumbing fitters are experts in their field. Heating and plumbing is a broad area with many aspects, ranging from installation of heat pumps in housing to large district heating plants for industrial facilities, and everything in between. The area of heating also covers cooling. Bravida has wide-ranging expertise in heating and cooling, covering district heating, geothermal heating or fossil fuel-based systems. We also have extensive experience of gas heating and provide a range of services in this area.

If you’re planning to install new heating or plumbing systems or refurbish your existing fittings, contact one of our local offices for assistance. Our heating and plumbing branches can help you find the best solution for your particular needs. Bravida also provides service of heating and plumbing systems; find out more here.

Here are some of the heating and plumbing installation services Bravida can help you with:

  • Heating/cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Water supply
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Gas heating
  • Welding expertise
  • Energy optimisation