Heating and plumbing servicing

Regular maintenance can reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises and help minimise water and energy consumption. Bravida offers all types of service within heating and plumbing, and provides repairs as required.

Bravida’s heating and plumbing fitters are experts in their field. We provide servicing, maintenance and inspection of piping, both in individual buildings and large industrial facilities. Our plumbers deal with everything from kitchen taps and sink traps to pipe fitting, and connection to water supply and sewerage. But heating and plumbing includes much more than piping, water and sanitation solutions. Bravida offers expertise and vast experience, and our trade professionals can help with everything in this field.

Heating operations also cover cooling facilities, and Bravida is experienced in working with heating and cooling mechanical rooms. We can help you whether your heating system is based on district heating, geothermal heating or fossil fuel. We also have extensive experience of working with gas heating systems. 

Inspecting, maintaining and improving piping can also reduce energy consumption. We are experts in energy efficiency and can upgrade fittings and suggest solutions to enhance your property’s energy efficiency. If you have already reviewed your energy use and want preventative maintenance of your heating and plumbing systems, a service agreement with one of our branches might suit you. We have a local, national and international presence.

Get in touch with one of our heating and plumbing branches if you would like to find out more about how our service solutions could help your plumbing systems.

Here are some of the ways Bravida can help you with heating and plumbing servicing:

  • Heating/cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Water supply
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Gas heating
  • Welding expertise
  • Energy optimisation