Laundry service

Bravida performs installations of laundry equipment, preventive maintenance such as cleaning and servicing dryers, drying cabinets and washing machines.

This how we work

Bravida Service Management operates from the city Flen to Uppsala. We have about 25 qualified fitters and technicians with expertise in property installation, property service and repair.

We are careful with both work environment and quality issues, for both technicians and service managers. We also contribute to the customer's work environment as we are observant on site and communicate any risks to our customers.

The technicians' competence is built on continuously to be able to meet market requirements and standards. We perform service on all brands and models, old as new.

We have extensive experience from the industry. High level of service and responsiveness to our customers' needs and wishes is a high priority.

Energy efficient washing machines

Through close contact with the property's caretakers or landlords, Bravida contributes with both maintenance service and professional advice. This can apply to questions about how the machine parks maintain a functioning condition and prevent interruptions, and also strategically when it comes to the replacement of machines.

Bravida always has a sustainable thinking and great competence regarding energy-saving measures. It may be worth investing in a new machine park or individual machines to reduce operating costs, and reduce the environmental impact, but also to avoid greater costs for an old machine. With our energy measurements, you get information about how much you save in an exchange, which may be worth knowing before the next budget.


Our customers

In laundry service, we primarily have large public housing companies, and also tenant-owner associations.

White goods service that extends service life

Installation of white goods is carried out in residential buildings as well as in commercial premises. Both preventive maintenance and life-extending service of existing stocks and also replacement and handling of everything from the purchase of machines to installation and control of these as well as removal of the obsolete machines.

Bravida has great expertise in energy-saving measures and we always think about sustainability in the work we perform. Both to reduce operating costs for the customer and for a reduced environmental impact. With our energy measurements, you get information about how much you save in a replacement. We also make kitchen adaptations (carpentry) when exchanging white goods.

Small and large customers

We provide services to housing companies, and also to schools and nursing homes.

Our partners

  • PODA
  • Zanuss
  • Miele

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