Area of expertise

Bravida has areas of expertise within technologies and services that bring buildings to life. When we want to draw special attention to an area of expertise, we can highlight the name using a unified visual treatment. We detail the guidelines for the visual treatment below and in addition the following applies:

  • We treat areas of expertise like names, without brand status or logotype character.
  • We use a defined set of descriptive names.
  • We highlight one expertise area at a time.
  • For clarity, we preferably use local nordic languages, rather than the English terms.
  • We don’t connect Bravida to the name when we highlight the area of expertise in communication.
  • The areas of expertise should always be applied together with the Bravida logo.

Color Options

area of expertise_color_options_500px_line20.png

On white backgrounds use Bravida Blue on the area of expertise. On dark backgrounds use Bravida Light Blue 75 or white on the area of expertise. Always strive for good readability and contrast.

Sizing options

The area of expertise name is written in Inter Light, using upper and lower case letters. Inter Light is used to differentiate and to make sure that the area of expertise does not compete with the Bravida logo. 

This page illustrates the different sizing options that are available. They are not recommended placing. Which one to use, depends on the length of name and the size of the application. Names with two or more words can be written double lined. 

The areas of expertise should never be placed too close to the Bravida logo so that it can be perceived as a lock-up.

area of expertise_single_line_option_500px.png

Placement on printed materials  

placement_printed material_grey_line350px.png

On printed material place the area of expertise at the top or bottom left corner. If that space is occupied by other information place it in the top right corner. The areas of expertise should not be placed too close to the Bravida logo so that it can be perceived as a lock-up.