Our icons are created to work as wayshowers and clarify information in both printed and digital media. They can be used in all of our identity colors. Just make sure that every color combination creates sufficiant contrast for legibility.

The icons are made with a grid to make sure that they all look like a family sharing the same line width and geometric details. All icons are centered within a circle. No part of the icon should be outside of the inner square. The end of the lines should always be flat, not rounded.

Download icons

Click on the icons below to download (RGB png) and do you need icons in EPS, please contact, kommunikation@bravida.se

Note: Please make sure that you use the correct icon to respective techology area.



access_system.png Automation50x50.png bms.png cctv.png
Access control systems
Access systems Automation BMS CCTV
cooling.png customers.png district heating.png electricity.png electricity_charger.png
Cooling Customers District heating Electricity Electricity charger
electrical_panels.png elevator.png employees.png energy_optimization.png fire_security.png
Electrical panels Elevator Employees Energy optimization Fire alarm systems
greenhub_bike-blue-50x50.png heat_pump.png hospital.png income.png
GreenHub Heat pump Hospital Housing Income
infrastructure.png installation.png integrated_security_systems.png intruder_alarm.png lock.png
Infrastructure Installation Integrated security systems Intruder alarms Lock
major_businesses.png medical_gas.png owners.png power.png project_management.png
Medical gas Owners Power Project management
quantitive_analysis.png safety.png service.png solar_cells.png specials.png
Quantitive analysis Fire & Security Service Solar cells Specials
sprinkler.png stopp_50x50.png suppliers.png targeted_measures.png technical_property_management.png
Sprinkler Stopp Suppliers Targeted measures Technical
property management
ventilation.png vvs.png    
Ventilation VVS White goods